Expressions and rains


I promised myself I’ll sleep just in 2 more minutes, apparently reading quotes with my bagged eyes gave me more peace than lying comfy in my bed. Deliberately trying to search for some words to which I could relate and dissolve myself into. And when I find these words, I feel satisfied that maybe someone out there, feels what I feel, knows what I’ve been through and empathize with me without even knowing me.

There is something about words, language and these combinations which somehow are capable of representing the labyrinth of our nerve cells in our mind. Learning other’s views, knowing others stories as well as expressing ours are the building blocks of a peaceful life.

For feelings are natural and spontaneous and for ever like infinite raindrops in heavy rain, and the expression of these impulsive drops is the magnificent rainbow, lovely to behold by ourselves and the others, those who love our rainstorms. Expressing is sharing, expressing is loving, expressing is being loved and expressing is love.

To love is to express, and to express is to love.


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