For my catastrophe is my fortune

Undoubtedly crisis do us much good. How suddenly you wake up from the fiction you’ve been running through and actually think about life. Adversity’s sweet milk philosophy. And those who loathe sadness are the one’s living in a delusion for there is no other fulfilling emotion than sadness itself. It liven us up. And this is known to only those who have been through it, despised it, befriended it and stayed with it. Once you get to know sadness you understand it’s actually not how people present it. Sadness has so many underlying layers ready to be explored. It has longed for us to feel it, understand it and love it. Take some time out of your life and be sad for a while, let your heart ache and feel that pain and let those smiles drip off your face in crystals. Don’t be bounded by societal norms, you don’t need to be smiling always.

For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool. By making his world a little colder.  – The Beatles.


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